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 New Godly Kylin Set

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PostSubject: New Godly Kylin Set   Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:18 am

Black Kylin Set

Black Kylin Effect
-40% 5x Slash
-20% 2sec mlee stun
-60%% 8sec stunned when using Beast Legion Smash
-100% Shadow Slash EG Stun
-20% drains hp

Green Kylin Set

Green Kylin Effect
-30% drains hp
-30% 2sec mlee stun
-50% bolt stunner
-30% 5x bolt damage
-30% 10x Heal

Blue Kylin Set

Blue Kylin Effect
-40% 10x headshot
-20% 2sec Mlee Stun
-30% 5 sec stunned conch ray
-20% 10x Conch Ray damage
-30% 5x lightning bolt
-20% drains hp

Requirement to Get New Kylin Effect
-Wearing full set New Kylin [Armor, Glove, Boots)
-Wearing Legend Necklace
-Wearing Pair Of Ring Of Death

Requirement to Fuse New Kylin
-Stone Of EGpko in inventory
-Hp Egg in 4th Slot
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New Godly Kylin Set
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