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 New updated :EGPKO MY:

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PostSubject: New updated :EGPKO MY:   Wed Dec 05, 2012 5:36 pm

Demonic World def/attack same with other pk map. Voyager now can use blue kylin set with effect even u r using coral.

Re-Forging Cards new features:
Now you no need to email GM to reforge your weapon,or set. With this You can just click the reforge cards
and it will transfer to equipment. Ok here Tutorial!
*Note:If you put wrong slot, Your gem will be gone! Thank you!

Firstly, read the reforging-card message how to use it.

Secondly,Make sure your forging equipment on 1st slot and 2nd slot for clean equipment

Finally,Double Click the re-forge cards it will transfer gems to clean equipment
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New updated :EGPKO MY:
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