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 VOD and COD Set (Necklace & Ring)

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PostSubject: VOD and COD Set (Necklace & Ring)   Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:02 am

New Item!

Now you can get VOD and COD card by be the winner in VOD or COD. 1st place will get 3x card, 2nd place will get 2x card and 3rd place will get 1x card. With this card, you can redeem godly necklace and ring. Each necklace will give you title for example if you redeem VOD Necklace and ring set you will get VOD title. For more details about this ring and neck check image below.

VOD Necklace & Ring

COD Necklace & Ring

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VOD and COD Set (Necklace & Ring)
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