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 Ramadhan Event! [Event end]

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Ramadhan Event! [Event end] Empty
PostSubject: Ramadhan Event! [Event end]   Ramadhan Event! [Event end] EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 3:33 am

I as admin of EGpko would wish to all my lovely player Happy Eid Fitr! For Eid Fitr celebration, i already prepair Ramadhan Present for u all.

How to Get Ramadhan Present?
-Meet · [Admín]EGpkó· NPC at argent city (2232,2784)

What Item In Ramadhan Present?
-Chance 60% get Lvl 9 Refining Gem
-Chance 30% get all type Uniqe Great Gem
-Chance 10% get VOD Card
-Chance 10% get COD Card
-Chance 10% get EGpko Card
-Chance 10% get Double Ramadhan Present

This event start today and it will end on Friday (17/08/10) at 10pm. I hope you all enjoy. Tq for keep supporting this server ^_^

Q: Where i can get all that items?

1.99x Sashimi Argent:686/681 - 3260/3831 Shaitan:658/2624 - 673/2648 Icicle:1696/1115 - 1728/1141
2.99x Birch Wood Strip Argent:564/2393 - 637/2502 Collect Birch Wood Log. Then exchange it at Wood Processing Merchant
Argent, 2261 / 2717
3.99x Extinguished Lantern kill mob "Pumpkin Death Warrior" You can get from Thundoria Mirage (Lv75 Below)
4.30x Swamp Wood kill mob "Swamp Watcher" you can get from Dark Swamp (Lv55 Below)
5.30x Fairy Coins
6.10x Kals Runestone u can get from DW 2 kill the Big guy. i forgot the name of mob.


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Ramadhan Event! [Event end]
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